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Mobile Showrooms, Exhibition Trailers & Roadshows - Can a mobile strategy benefit your business?

Mobile Showrooms Exhibtions

The post Covid world will mean engaging with customers in traditional ways but the opportunity to engage with new strategies is of great benefit to businesses where, in the short term, the way we exhibit to our customer base may change.

Product launches and exhibitions may look different for some time to come but consider the benefits of a mobile roadshow or exhibition. Mobile roadshow solutions are flexible, reliable, effective and efficient and provide a face-to-face option to bring your product to your customers.

Mobile Showrooms are an effective way to exhibit your products and services and an alternative way to get in front of your audience in 2021

Face-to-face interaction with customers is essential for continued business growth and mobile showrooms and exhibition trailers offer a Covid-secure environment where government guidelines can be followed, social distancing can be maintained, cleaning, sanitising and hygiene easily incorporated and vehicle layout can be adapted to ensure a strategic approach to the customer journey and experience. Furthermore mobile showrooms and exhibition trailers are extremely versatile in terms of location and can be easily sited and re-routed.

Sure, virtual exhibitions and remote ways of communication may be around for a while but mobile showrooms offer both clients and attendees a credible face to face meeting, providing a more connected environment beyond the home or office. Exhibition trailers require minimum staffing, only one person on-site and the average set-up time of an exhibition trailer is around two-hours.

Create a Unique Brand

In a crowded market customers are still looking for face-to-face contact, a mobile showroom or exhibition trailer creates a new and exciting way for customers to remember your brand. Your brand is everything, and the more you can make it stick in people’s minds, the more they’ll keep coming back for more. Success of a mobile solution has been proven by Coca-Cola, who have successfully used the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck since 1995. During 2019, the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing was tweeted more than 57 million times. The same year, around two million people visited the Coca-Cola website to find out where the truck would be stopping.

Foster Personal Connections

Most customers don’t like feeling as if they are just another face in the crowd. By engaging them on a more personal, intimate level and speaking to them directly through your exhibition trailer, you create the sense that each customer is special and important to your business. A customer that has a positive memory of interacting with one of your employees is more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

For more information on planning your 2021 roadshow, roadshow trucks, exhibition trailers, mobile showrooms, self-drive exhibition units or event shipping container conversions, contact us at Bridge Events.

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