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Our guide to what you need to know about events in England from 19 July

At Bridge Events we prioritise safety for everyone attending any event, here is our guide to the key areas and guidance for events in England after 19th July 2021.

Track and Trace

Venues are no longer required to collect customer contact details, or keep a record of staff and visitors, but they are encouraged to continue to display an NHS QR code for customers wishing to check in using the app. Venues and organisers do not have to ask attendees to check in.

Covid-status certification

There is no legal mandate to use the NHS app as proof of Covid-19 vaccination, negative test or proof of natural anti-bodies, this information may be updated.

Cleaning and hygiene

We will discuss ventilation and cleaning with all venues to check their risk management protocols. Should any additional measures be required or needed to manage any risk, these will be discussed and arranged with venues in advance, this may include simple measures such as opening windows to increase ventilation.

Face coverings

Face coverings are no longer required by law, but the government expects and recommends that people should continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed settings.

Social distancing

Social distancing rules will cease to exist from 19 July 2021, we will however still consider floor markings and crowd management methods to prevent overcrowding and bottlenecks at certain


Communication with delegates using websites, social media channels and any digital or written engagement will include up-to-date information on any obligations or requirements in relation to Covid-19.

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