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How will venues achieve a healthier experience for delegates in 2021?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

As we see the light at the end of the tunnel and move out of the global pandemic, not only in the UK but worldwide, the events industry turns its attention to emphasising health and wellbeing for delegates, clients are searching for venues and destinations where health is top of the agenda.

So how are venues prioritising wellbeing?

Growing demand for healthy food and snacks

Venues are rethinking their menus, moving towards healthier options and ditching the carb and fat heavy lunches and dinners and moving towards inventive salads, noodle dishes, a greater emphasis on fish and seafood and high fibre alternatives, sugary snacks are being replaced with healthy fruit skewers and low sugar alternatives and a shift towards more inventive solutions for dietary requirements... venues are switching onto healthy eating!

There has been a conscious shift towards healthier food choices with tailored menus with a greater emphasis on advising delegates on allergens, saturated fats and sugar. Inventive and tasty options including fresh fruit and juices, smoothies are becoming the norm with venues understanding the importance of locally sourced ingredients from sustainable sources.

Delegate food is changing and it can only be a benefit to organisers, clients and delegates alike.

Active lifestyles becoming part of the event landscape

Physical activity and exercise have become an integral part of our lives with the benefits of a healthier lifestyle are now more evident than ever. Organisers and venues are now recognising that attendees need and want to move and this is being translated into an increase of physical elements being incorporated into conference schedules. These changes have seen the rise of

wellbeing zones and activities plus an array of mindfulness sessions and quiet spaces. Furthermore venues are offering walking and running routes plus new and inventive options for both indoor and outdoor activities both as part of a client agenda or downtime options.

Emphasise natural light

As humans we need regular exposure to natural light regularly. As the sun comes up, we’re supposed to get up with it, and our circadian rhythms (which govern the quality of our sleep) are programmed to respond and adapt to sunlight. But the benefits of natural light are far greater than a decent nights sleep, natural light influences our mood, increases wellbeing, increases productivity and reduces jet lag.


Some simple steps to increase the amount of natural light at events include:

  • Set up the registration table near doors with natural light

  • Plan meals outside or in spaces with natural light, particularly if attendees may be jet lagged

  • Create outdoor activities to allow attendees time in natural light

  • Encourage attendees to walk outside at the beginning and end of every day.

Humans weren’t made to live without natural light. Studies continue to show that exposure to natural light has increased benefits. It’s no wonder that companies around the world are choosing to host meetings and events in sunlit spaces.

Contact us for all your event needs and to see how we can work with you to make your event healthy!

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