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The Event Industry must get serious about sustainability

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, climate change and the health of our planet is an integral part of succeeding in the UK event sector

Practical Initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Impact

The event industry is all too aware of the environmental damage caused by everything from plastic and non-recyclable materials, giveaways, food wastage, excessive travel, generators, and the impact of event related transportation. We would all agree that some of the excess and inevitable must have add-ons of any event are part of the nature of the industry, but as event planners we can all adopt practical and achievable initiatives for staff and guests at events to limit social, economic and environmental impact.

There are many ways in which we can all contribute to better CSR and sustainability, simple tips and tools event managers, agencies and industry suppliers to become more sustainable.

Ditch the plastic

Minimise the use of one-way plastics and increase accessibility to recycling bins.

Venues and suppliers Insist that partners, venues and suppliers prioritise social value and sustainable initiatives. Identify areas for change Anything from switching to more sustainably sourced food and beverages and using energy efficient LED lighting will help increase the positive contributions you’re making.

The event industry needs to move away from the old-fashioned view that sustainability is ‘low priority’ and can’t be measured. Being more sustainable helps event companies become more efficient and leads to higher engagement amongst employees and more client wins that can easily offset additional time and the monetary expense.

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