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Corporate & Private Wellness Retreats

Putting corporate wellbeing innovation at the heart of your company agenda

Our corporate retreats offer companies, organisations, teams and employees the ability to be at their best by looking after their health and wellbeing.

Corporate retreats offer companies, organisations, teams and employees the ability to be at their best by looking after their health and wellbeing.   ​Recharge your team with tailor made corporate retreats in the UK and around the world, all designed to suit your exact needs.

These days the wellbeing of our employees, as well as the care and treatment of our customers, is key to good business ethos. How we treat and support our business partners is now high on corporate agendas across a multitude of business sectors.

Manage Stress, Increase Productivity & Boost Company Culture

Employees need the positivity garnered from wellbeing activities to achieve high performance. Work is a well documented cause of stress and burnout for a huge number of people in the UK and beyond. A survey conducted by Gallup in 2019 reported "67% of all employees experience burnout in the workplace and feel overwhelmed by having to meet constant demands".  


Tools for managing stress and boosting company culture to improve employee health and satisfaction is a more critical investment than ever before.

Give your hard-working team an experience of a lifetime they will truly appreciate and undoubtedly benefit from. Corporate retreats are designed very carefully to ensure safety is a priority and that all your gusts feel motivated, supported and cared for.


Reasons for a Corporate Wellness Retreat

  • Doctors recommend 10,000 steps per day for good health. However, an average employee walks only about 2,000 steps a day contributing to the ever-growing health risk

  • With more hours spent over the work desk and less on one’s health, an employee now struggles to maintain healthy living for the long term

  • Corporate wellness retreats create a strong and resilient team

  • A regular meditation practice increases focus, problem-solving skills get more creative and new ideas enter the mind more freely. Many people believe that Steve Jobs was so successful at Apple thanks to regular meditation practice

  • 74% of employers view wellbeing as important to employees and a useful tool for recruiting and retaining staff. (Source: Xerox)

  • Research has demonstrated that workplace health initiatives can help reduce sick leave absenteeism by 27% and health care costs for companies by 26%. (Source: WHO)

  • Yoga is defined as “The cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind” (Patanjali YS 1.2) Simply put, it's the mind chatter that draws our attention away from the present moment, reducing the chatter improves concentrations and focus in the workplace

Corporate Social Responsibility & Safety Guaranteed

We ensure all retreats contribute to corporate social responsibility, are kind to the planet and strive to be sustainable and give back to local communities that host us.

Working in partnership, as an extension of your team, we create tailor made programmes which include wellbeing elements to support all your company's needs for a successful and memorable corporate event.  We provide a well rounded exploration of wellbeing and the many benefits its brings to individuals, groups and companies.

All our retreats can be tailor-made to suit your exact needs. We have lots of fabulous, hand-picked locations to choose from, all fully researched by our highly experienced yoga and events team.


All  trips are designed very carefully so that they are at ease with the local surroundings, ensuring both sustainability and responsibility.

Its time to refine our relationship with nature

A little inspiration on destinations

UK - The UK offers incredible natural beauty, with mountains, superb coastlines, pristine hills and valleys providing a huge variety of landscapes that are easily accessible from all parts of the UK and for European colleagues


Europe  - Spectacular beaches, incredible national parks, dramatic mountain landscapes perfect for winter or summer, breath-taking scenery coupled with the unrivalled variety of cuisines, makes Europe the perfect destination to leave your guests feeling thoroughly revitalised


Asia - Incredible India, the natural splendor of Bali, the cultural treasures of Japan and Thailand, the Land of Smiles.  Asia is incredibly diverse and offers a rich history of yoga, Ayurvedic and holistic practices and traditions and opportunities for adventure and exploring both land and sea


 Caribbean - Pristine beaches, lush green surroundings plus luxury and sumptuous comfort. Stunning sea views make for relaxation and rejuvenation, coupled with the sounds and tastes of Caribbean hospitality, perfect to nurture wellbeing in these idyllic islands

Middle East - Rich in history, amazing beaches, breathtaking architecture, desert adventures and guaranteed sunshine, the perfect combination for a unforgettable trip to cleanse the mind, purify the body and detox.  The Middle East is an Aladdin’s cave of adventures, experiences, and historical sites

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